Womenary Students love to learn!  Dig deeper in your knowledge and understanding of the truth in scripture with any of the trusted resources you find below!


Bible Sprout – A beautifully designed evangelical website focused on providing the best information about Christianity, and providing users the ability to go deeper in their faith. Tons of information on everything from "Who Jesus Is" to "How to Pray." The goal of the site is to provide users with the answers to the questions that the world will ask them, and to help people evolve in their faith.

Apologetics.org – A beautiful site containing a wealth of resources, put together by the C.S. Lewis Society. 

Apologetics.com – A more cutting edge look at the science/art of apologetics. Many contemporary resources reside here.

CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry) – An incredibly rich site with information for use in practical evangelism and every day ministry. 


Biblical Archaeology Review – Online news, articles and opinion pieces.

Bible History Online – Maps, images and articles. 

An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers and their Families – The rulers of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus.


– The first online resource allowing visitors who are visually impaired an equal opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. 

E-sword – Extremely potent Bible software – FREE – and available for download!

StudyLight – Provides scripture access, language tools and historical writings.

Blue Letter Bible – Provides translation searches, commentary, devotionals, etc.

Bible.org – Home of the "Net Bible" and many, many biblical resources.

www.biblehub.com - Hebrew, parallel, concordance all in one place.

www.enterthebible.org  - Provides information about the history of each book of the Bible including author, date of writing and audience. 

How to Evaluate Web Resources – A free guide to help students quickly evaluate the credibility of any resource they find on the internet.

Bible Maps – A free collection of biblical maps, charts, and timelines.

The Barna Group – Christian statistics.


ChristianHistory.net – Provided by Christianity Today, this is a GREAT site with a wealth of history resources.

Ministry Today - A good place for leadership resources, useful for both lay and vocational ministry.


The Christian Post – An excellent online newspaper. If you enjoy a blending of faith and news, this should be your homepage!

SRN News – "Breaking News for Christians," with links to their live radio feed.

CTN (Christian Top News) - A short list of headlines followed by brief summaries of what’s happening around the world. They also provide links to full-length credible news stories for those wanting to delve deeper into the issues. 

Todd Starnes, FOXnews radio - Good, insightful commentary on Christianity under cultural attack. 


Blue Letter Bible Commentaries – Good general selection of commentaries spanning a couple of centuries. If you use this, be sure to take a moment and read their instructions at the bottom of each page.

Free Bible Commentary – Verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and text commentaries.

Classic Bible Commentaries – Considerably older material, but comprehensive in scope. Henry, Darby, Gill, Wesley and others are represented here.


CARM Evangelism Page – An excellent starting point with a wide variety of articles from a trustworthy source.

Evangelism Explosion (EE) – The site for the highly successful evangelism program.

The Four Spiritual Laws – A concise, clean online tract. Excellent link to email to a lost friend!

The Four Spiritual Laws in Your Language – The same information as above, but in virtually every known language!

Effective Evangelism.com – A wealth of resources and specific answers to questions that are easily indexed and user-friendly.


Online Greek Interlinear Bible - A Greek interlinear bible.

Online Hebrew Interlinear Bible - A Hebrew interlinear bible.

Kypros.org – An online Greek lexicon. 

Judaism 101 – A Glossary of Basic Jewish Terms and Concepts.

Audio Hebrew Bible – A verse by verse audio reading of the Hebrew Bible in .mp3 format that is divided nicely by chapter and book.

Animated Hebrew –  Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Academic, 2001). Purchase the companion textbook, work diligently through it with this site, and you will learn Biblical Hebrew.

Resources for Learning New Testament Greek – This site provides a LOT of comprehensive materials that will help the self-learner. Beginners should click the "Learn Greek" link and proceed in order.


Holy Week Timeline – A secular site, but a very good basic timeline of the events of Holy Week, along with Scripture citations.

NT Resources – This is an individual professor's site, but it is very, very deep with thesis papers, bibliographies and other good information. Worth exploring! 


C.S. Lewis – "Mere Christianity" – This should be required reading for everyone who professes to be a Christian. This is the complete text of Lewis' masterwork.

Philologos Religious Online Books – A repository of complete works by such notables as Bunyan, Bullinger and Edersheim. This site also contains a link to several other online libraries.

Christian Classics Ethereal Libraries – An incredible collection of full works online, such as Augustine's Confessions; Religious Affectations, by Jonathan Edwards; The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis; and tons more!

The Spurgeon Archive – All things Charles Haddon Spurgeon!


Plugged In  - Put out by Focus on the Family, this website provides family rated reviews for movies, games, TV and books.

The Barna Group – Christian statistics.

Religious Writing Resources – Is writing your gift? You will find a huge index covering a variety of Christian writing resources.

www.christianitytoday.org - Real-world content that is timely, compelling, insightful, balanced—and biblical.

www.todayschristianwoman.com - Relevent information of interest to Christian women.

www.focusonthefamily.com - Provided as a ministry of Dr. James Dobson focusing on Chrisitan families.