Womenary helps busy women know God better

through accessible and affordable theology classes

about God and His ways. 

Womenary provides classes and resources for Christian women who desire to live out a biblical worldview, by gaining a deeper understanding of God and His ways. Courses are available as live classes in local communities, online self study, and seminars, and do not have required weekly homework. Womenary courses present and explain:

  • Christian doctrines & the theological heritage of the Church.

  • Academic studies of select books of the Bible. 

  • Relevant cultural/social issues with a biblical worldview.

Womenary offers several ways to study:

Live Classes & POP-UP Seminars in Local Communities

If you are interested in a traditional classroom setting with a professor and fellow students, then Womenary LIVE! Classes are for you.  Each LIVE! Course includes:

  • Live seminary trained professors who teach and answer your questions!
  • Semester Courses meet weekly in the Fall and Spring semesters and are 6-10 weeks long.  Shorter Summer classes and one time POP-UP seminars are also offered.
  • Choose from theology, biblical exposition and other culturally relevant courses!

  • Access to a copy of power point notes! 
  • Audio recording of each lesson!
  • Optional reading and no homework required! 
  • Attend your first lesson free using the Free Class Pass!

Click the red link above to register, see class locations and current classes that are available. LIVE! courses range from $60-$100 per course.  One time POP-UP Seminars range from $30-50.

Don't see a class near you? Contact us or talk to your church leadership about bringing Womenary LIVE! to your area!

Previously Recorded Classes

Looking for a previous popular class, seminar or event?  The class you are looking for may be available at a discounted rate!

  • Audio classes are priced 75% off original live class tuition.
  • Video classes are priced 50% off original live class tuition.
  • Choose from theology, biblical exposition and other culturally relevant courses!

  • Access to a copy of power point notes!
Click the red link above to see a list of previously recorded classes that are available and to register.  

Free Online Self-Paced Studies

When your time is limited or there is not a Womenary LIVE! course near you, Womenary One video courses are just a click away! Womenary One courses include:

  • Each lesson includes a video lesson, worship moment, discussion questions, and a multiple choice quiz!
  • Variety of course lengths available, from 6-12 lessons.
  • Choose from theology, biblical exposition and other culturally relevant courses!
  • Courses can be taken individually at your own pace, or used for small group lesson content!
  • Includes printable companion materials and notes!
  • Online classes are completed at your own pace and are FREE.

Interested in a Womenary One online study? Online courses are completly FREE!  Click the red button above. Need help getting started? Contact us today!

Interested in starting a Womenary LIVE! class near you? Contact us or talk to your church leadership about bringing Womeanry LIVE! to your area!

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  •  I had the privilege of teaching through selected Psalms. It is always encouraging to see anyone hungry for the things of God and desiring to dig deeper into Scripture.  

    Randy Prosperi

  •  Womenary enriched my life in many ways. I had attended many Bible studies for women, but I wanted something deeper. I wanted seminary-level classes, and this is what Womenary provided. I have taken over twelve classes and have enjoyed each one. I teach a Bible study on Sunday morning, and the Womenary classes have enriched my knowledge and preparation. Thank you for making Womenary classes available. 

    Alice Rhodes

  •  The depth of the Womenary studies are incredible. I love how it really made me think about my faith and my beliefs and challenged me to understand them fully. 


  •  The wonder of these ladies learning aspects of the nature and character of God, life, humanity, truth, etc... and then seeing how those truths set them free to live and minister is new and abundant ways is why I do this! I am so proud to be a part of this ministry. www.chrismlegg.com 

    Chris Legg

  •  Loved Eric Barton’s teaching on theology. Love the content and the format, and classmates 


  •  Each class, whether biblical or theological, has deepened my understanding of God and His relationship with me and the world. This in turn has strengthened my love for and dependence on my Savior. Each instructor has been different, but all have been the same in these aspects- high knowledge, deep faith, great love of God. Thank you Womenary! 

    Elizabeth Murphy

  •  Womenary's theological classes are awesome! No matter what your Biblical education through Sunday school, youth group, personal study, verse by verse commentaries, study Bibles, etc., there is more to learn. Womenary has something for you. I highly recommend that everyone take these classes in person or online. 


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