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What do you think about
when you think about God?

Whatever answer you give to that question is the most important thing about you- because your answers will shape and influence every area of your life. Womenary offers a series of seminary styled classes covering theological topics, based on the Bible, with no homework or writing requirements, all taught by seminary graduates. Womenary offers courses such as The History of Christianity, Theology 101, How We  Got the Bible, and many more!  Classes are offered in a variety of formats, such as live lectures, small group classes, and online courses.  If a thought provoking study of God is of interest to you, welcome to Womenary!

Womenary offers 3 ways to study:

Live Classes in Local Communities

If you are interested in a traditional classroom setting with a professor and fellow students, then Womenary LIVE! classes are for you. Each LIVE! class includes engaging teaching and a 15 minute break. Companion notes are made available on our website to students the same week class has taken place. Click the link below to see class locations and current classes that are available. LIVE! courses range from $60-$100 per course.

Interested in registering for a Womenary LIVE! class? Click the button below. Don't see a class near you? Contact us or talk to your church leadership about bringing Womenary LIVE! to your area!

Bible Study or Home Groups

Womenary Together groups combine the traditional Bible study group with the uniqueness of Womenary online video lectures. Perfect for your church Bible study, or home groups! First, each group decides when, where, and how often to have class. Next, a Class Facilitator (a volunteer from your group) sets up the class for your group and pays a $60 set up fee. Then, the Facilitator will invite students to participate in the class by email. Students tuition is $25. When 3 or more have registered, your class is official! Classes have approximatly 7-10 lessons, each with a 30-45 minutes. Womenary online course lecture, online companion materials and printable notes. Lectures can be displayed on a large screen or smaller groups can gather around a computer.

Interested in starting a Womenary Together group in your area? Click the button below.  Or Contact us or talk to your church leadership.

Individual or Self-Paced Study

When your time is limited or there is not a LIVE! or Together class near you, Womenary One video classes are just a click away! A variety of online courses are available. Upon registering for the course you choose, you will have access to the video class lectures, companion materials and printable notes. Online classes can be completed at your own pace and are $40 per class.

Interested in a Womenary self paced study? Click the button below. Need help getting starting? Contact us today!

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  •  I had the privilege of teaching through selected Psalms. It is always encouraging to see anyone hungry for the things of God and desiring to dig deeper into Scripture.  

    Randy Prosperi

  •  Womenary enriched my life in many ways. I had attended many Bible studies for women, but I wanted something deeper. I wanted seminary-level classes, and this is what Womenary provided. I have taken over twelve classes and have enjoyed each one. I teach a Bible study on Sunday morning, and the Womenary classes have enriched my knowledge and preparation. Thank you for making Womenary classes available. 

    Alice Rhodes

  •  The depth of the Womenary studies are incredible. I love how it really made me think about my faith and my beliefs and challenged me to understand them fully. 


  •  The wonder of these ladies learning aspects of the nature and character of God, life, humanity, truth, etc... and then seeing how those truths set them free to live and minister is new and abundant ways is why I do this! I am so proud to be a part of this ministry. 

    Chris Legg

  •  Loved Eric Barton’s teaching on theology. Love the content and the format, and classmates 


  •  Each class, whether biblical or theological, has deepened my understanding of God and His relationship with me and the world. This in turn has strengthened my love for and dependence on my Savior. Each instructor has been different, but all have been the same in these aspects- high knowledge, deep faith, great love of God. Thank you Womenary! 

    Elizabeth Murphy

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