Board of Directors & Staff

The Board of Directors meets monthly to establish policies, oversee operations, and provide direction for the future. Each woman willingly gives of her time and talent to further Womenary's vision of providing quality theological classes for women.  

President - Gay Brookshire

Vice President - Linda Lesniewski

Secretary - Diana Eppler

Treasurer - Nancie Pritchard

Board Member - Mo McSwane

Board Member - Carol Ann Sample

Board Member - Toni Hibbs

Board Member - Windy Gallagher

Board Member - Linda Williamson

Board Member - Paula Estes

Executive Director

Susan Howard

As Womenary's Executive Director, Susan Howard carries out the day to day duties of organizing classes, promoting Womenary to the community, seeking out new class locations and professors, and managing students.


Executive Assistant / Marketing & Media Director

Emily Smith

As Womenary's Executive Assistant, Emily Smith assists the Executive Director and manages the marketing and media needs of Womenary.  This includes managing Social Media accounts, creating graphics, managing the website, creating web forms, managing and publishing the e-newsletter, and various other digital duties.