Theological Studies for Women 

All of us have thoughts about God. What do you think about when you think about God? Whatever answer you give to that question is the most important thing about you- because whatever you answered will shape and influence every area of your life.

Womenary provides studies that help you think rightly about God. We offer a series of seminary styled classes covering theological topics, based on the Bible, with no homework or writing requirements, all taught by seminary graduates. If an orderly, academic, thought provoking study of God is of interest to you, welcome to Womenary.

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Eschatology & Exposition of Mark

"What you think about when you think about God is the most important thing about you." - A.W. Tozer

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Eschatology - Tyler/Longview

A  study of the prophetic writings of the Bible that describe the circumstances and events that will occur as all of God's plans come to pass. Eschatology means a study of "last things" and the Bible has many fantastic things to say about what is yet to come.

Exposition of Mark - Tyler

Reading Mark’s gospel has been compared to watching a docudrama. The story moves quickly from one place to another as Mark narrates the events of the public and private life of Jesus Christ. Mark’s writing reveals the true identity of Christ, highlights his teachings, and issues a clear and universal call to discipleship.

Womenary classes are held at various times and locations during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  Womenary classes are certified by the Association of Christian Schools International to give Continuing Education Units (CEU’S).


BIBLIOLOGY - How God's great message to man became the text of the Bible.
HERMENEUTICS - The art and science of studying scripture.
SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY - An organized study of God's attributes, administration, and authority over the created order.
TRINITARIANISM - Explores the mystery and the majesty of the Trinity.
APOLOGETICS - How to clearly and effectively explain to others what you believe as a Christian.
WORLDVIEWS AND WORLD RELIGIONS -Major religions of the world and various worldviews that influence what people believe.
ANGELS, MAN, AND SIN - Traces the entrance of sin and evil in the angelic order and consequently into the human race.
ECCLESIOLOGY AND SANCTIFICATION - Study of God's plans and purposes for the Church and believers, set apart by the Spirit to become like Christ.
HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY - Teaching on the lives of the Church fathers who shaped the churches we know today.
SOTERIOLOGY - The doctrine of salvation.
THE KINGDOM AND THE COVENANTS - This class traces the themes of God's kingdom and His covenants throughout biblical history.
ESCHATOLOGY -The study of the prophetic writings of the Bible that describe the events that will occur as all of God's plans come to pass.