Womenary offers a curriculum of 12 Theology courses and 12 Biblical Exposition courses.  Classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters each year.  An interesting variety of theological and biblical topics are taught, such as worldviews and world religions.  (Theology Course Descriptions)
Womenary Threads are offered as summer classes or 1 day seminars. These classes cover topics relevant to Christianty such as current issues and themes that run through the bible that are of interest to our students.

                        Theology                        Exposition

Spring 2017       Bibliology& Hermeneutics          Acts

Fall 2017            Systematic Theology                  I & II Samuel

Spring 2018       Trinitarianism                              Romans

Fall 2018            Apologetics                                John

Spring 2019       Angels, Man & Sin                      Genesis

Fall 2019            Soteriology                                 Galatians        

Spring 2020       Kingdom & Covenants               Daniel

Fall 2020            Sanctification & Ecclesiology     Ephesians

Spring 2021       History of Christianity                 Job

Fall 2021            World View & World Religions    Ruth & Judges

Spring 2022       Eschatology                                I & II Peter

Fall 2022            Christology                                 Psalms

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