Student Reviews

"I study theology because I want my lifelong ministry to be accurate and in line with God's Word and His character. Womenary helps me with that desire because it allows me to learn seminary level content without having to go back to school."I love Womenary. I wish I had know about this years ago! Womenary covers topics in depth that are not available in traditional bible studies."

"These classes are an opportunity to view relevant issues through the perspective of Biblical principles, equipping students for the work God has called them to do."

"I dreamt of going to seminary, but it is not an option financially and with my young family. But these courses fill that place in my heart. Thank you for offering these courses, they are changing my life!"

"Womenary training has helped me become more secure with my faith. It gives me the tools to have conversations with believers and non-believers, to be more open-minded with other opinions and beliefs (since I know the core non-negotiables), and have a solid worldview lens."