Frequently Asked Questions

What courses does Womenary offer?   Womenary offers a curriculum of 12 courses. One course is offered in the fall and one in the spring each year. An interesting variety of theological topics are taught, such as worldviews and world religions, the history of Christianity, God’s purpose in the church and the relationship of angels, man, and sin.

How much time will be required?   Womenary classes meet each semester once a week for 10 weeks. Each class meets for 2 hours, for a total of 20 classroom hours. Reading assignments that enrich and prepare the student for class can usually be completed within an hour.

Will there be tests or homework?    There will be no tests, homework (other than suggested reading) or exams.

Who teaches Womenary classes?    Professors who teach the Womenary curriculum are dynamic Christian leaders with an outstanding variety of academic achievements and ministries. All are seminary graduates with multiple degrees. Most have completed doctorate studies in their chosen fields and others are actively working toward doctorate degrees. Every Womenary professor demonstrates a love of teaching, a love of God’s Word, and a heart for the women that enroll in their classes.

Is Womenary associated with a church?    Womenary affirms the church as the body of Christ on earth and encourages church membership, but is not, as an organization, associated with any particular denomination or church.

Is Womenary Accredited?    Womenary is certified by ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, but not accredited. The ACSI certification allows Womenary to offer Continuing Educational Units (CEU’S) to students. Each course we offer is approved by ACSI and when completed earns the student 3 CEU’S.